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Armadillo Scram Scram for Cats Deer Scram Scram for Dogs Goose Scram Gopher Scram Iguana Scram Mole Scram Rabbit Scram Skunk Scram Snake Scram Vole Scram Wild Hog Scram

100% All Natural Ingredients

Ready-To-Use We are proud to be able to provide products that we can guarantee will keep animals away, are safe for the environment, and are completely biodegradable & organic.

  • Won’t harm animals
  • Effective in all Seasons
  • Long Lasting
  • Safe around people, pets and plants
  • EPIC offers SPECIFIC PRODUCTS FOR SPECIFIC ANIMALS: outstanding results!
  • Customers want the damage to stop immediately with little effort to apply. Our Products are Easy to Use – No Mixing, No Spraying
  • EPIC works quickly and lasts longer!

HIGHER ACTIVE INGREDIENTS than other repellents!

We Cater to Animal Pest Territories throughout USA

EPIC has gone through great research and testing to develop Regional products that address the nuisance issues for the specific animals that are destroying property, foliage, gardens and landscaping.

Made in USA

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